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For IT companies its challenge to hire the  skilled work force. Not all graduates are industry-ready, making it quintessential for building a strong bridge between the academics and industry by focusing on the benchmarks of the corporate world; and linking the standard academic curriculum with industry requirements. So Our 6 Weeks Industrial Training program is the perfect way to upgrade students for the professional world.
MTAS offers 6 Weeks Industrial Training program to students from domains like CS/IT students .These programs are handled by our experienced trainers who share their  practical knowledge &  industry experiences. We prepare the young candidates to face the challenges of industry and compete in the corporate environment. With live project-based training, MTAS 6 Weeks Industrial program helps  students to face interviews more confidently,  problem-solving,technical and interpersonal  skills. So trained candidates who understand the practical application of IT Technology can be easily hired by corporate. 
After the successful training program student will get  a Training Certificate from our company.
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